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Mighty Leaf in Virgin Territory
9/6/2011  |  Mighty Leaf Tea Company
Mighty Leaf Tea being served aboard a Virgin America plane.

Next time you'€™re relaxing in the mood-lit cabin of a Virgin America flight, treat yourself to a cup of Mighty Leaf. As announced recently, our teas are available on every Virgin America flight with beverage service. The three high-flying flavors–now regularly enjoyed above the clouds–are Organic Earl Grey, Organic Spring Jasmine, and Chamomile Citrus.

A Mighty Leaf Welcome
4/1/2009  |  Mighty Leaf Tea Company

The history of tea reads like a good novel with its share of mythical origins and ancient rituals, tea spies and smuggling, royalty and revolution. Throughout this provocative history, a freshly brewed pot filled with whole tea leaves has always been revered as the richest in character and served as a means for people to connect with themselves and others. Tea connects people, plain and simple. With this blog we too hope to connect with you, one cup at a time.