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Mighty Traditions
10/19/2017  |  Mighty Leaf Team

Mighty Leaf Traditions

How do you celebrate the season? We asked our employees to share their favorite Thanksgiving traditions and see how we all join together to celebrate with family and friends.
Celebrate Mom
4/26/2017  |  Mighty Leaf Team

Anni and Mom

What does tea mean to you? Our employees share their favorite memories of Mom (and tea).
Made for Tea, Meet the Mighty Leaf Tea Team: Eliot Jordan
9/29/2015  |  Mighty Leaf Team

By 10:30 a.m. every morning I've tried at least 10 teas. That puts the morning cup of tea in perspective, doesn't it? But as the VP of Tea at Mighty Leaf, my days are packed with whole leaf tea. More than anything I'm diligent about tasting tea, lots of samples so as an example, when differences arise in say a black tea tasting, I'm able to stop and ask, “what's different about this tea? Tasting tea is like exercising a muscle, or maybe like studying a painting. The more it's done, the better shape my palate is in to taste discrepancies or nuances. In addition to tasting tea, my day-to-day job involves communicating with our suppliers and cross-checking with the people I work with to secure ingredients from around the world. What I love about tea is it's the ultimate yin-yang; it's both simple and complex. My days are full of work that I'm passionate about and I work closely with our tea team, Anni and Danielle to ensure the teas we blend and provide to our customers taste great with fantastic aroma.

Made for Tea, Meet the Whole Leaf Tea Team: Anni Pattee
9/22/2015  |  Mighty Leaf Team
Anni - tea team

As the tea assistant at Mighty Leaf, I steep hundreds of teas a week for cuppings. Working with tea everyday creates awareness in the rest of my life. When I steep tea, my full attention is focused on ensuring the tea is steeped properly and my thoughts drift to the passion used to create these teas.

Made for Tea, Meet the Tea Team: Danielle Hochstetter
9/17/2015  |  Mighty Leaf Team
Danielle Hochstetter

At the age of six or seven, my Dad would sit me down regularly and say, "€œIt's time for a cup of tea.€ He served black tea with honey. A few years later, he moved to South Africa and in high school, my brother and I flew out to see him. He took us to a fancy resort so we could have teatime. I still remember the taste of the Keemun tea from the resort fondly. So, the tea bug had bitten me early on, but it kept growing. During high school, I leaned heavily on tea to help me pull through all-nighters, trying as many teas as I could. In college, I began reading tea books from the library like "The New Tea Lover's Treasury"€ by James Norwood Pratt and got it into my head that one day I wanted to meet him. I developed a preference for loose teas and visited an Asian grocery store in Charlotte, NC for loose leaf tea, which at the time was hard to find.