Mighty Traditions

Mighty Leaf Traditions

How do you celebrate the season? We asked our employees to share their favorite Thanksgiving traditions and see how we all join together to celebrate with family and friends.

Ashley, Customer Service

Ashley's Favorite Tea: Bombay Chai

My husband and I run a 10K Turkey Trot every Thanksgiving morning. This is our 5th year running the race and has become an official Thanksgiving tradition for us. It is filled with community, giving back, and spending time together. Then it's off to eat some Pumpkin Pie (and cup of hot tea) well earned!

Patrick, Sales

Patrick's Favorite Tea: Organic Darjeeling Estate

Every Fall we find ourselves at a local corn maze and apple orchard. We have a blast going on hay rides and trekking through the corn maze. We almost always end up in a giant pit of dried corn that the kids can't resist "swimming" in.

Julie, Marketing

Julie's Favorite Tea: Organic African Nectar

Each Thanksgiving I make a pecan pie following a family recipe that originated in Louisiana by my husband's Grandmother. I like to carry on the family tradition by having our own kids help make the pie each year. My daughter, Sophia, helps me place each pecan on top of the pie. I love seeing the proud smile on her face when it's done (and enjoying our work with a cup of my favorite tea!)

Laura, E-Commerce

Laura's Favorite Tea: Ginger Twist

My family has a farm in Northern California and ever since I was a child my entire extended family would gather there for Thanksgiving. As a kid, it was always a fantastic time spent with cousins that I didn't get to see often. Now that we're adults, it's wonderful to be able to continue the tradition of coming together there with our own children.

Elizabeth, Marketing

Elizabeth's Favorite Tea: Organic Spiced Turmeric Matcha

Growing up, we always celebrated the arrival of fall with a family trip to the apple orchard. I'll always remember the caramel apples, with a cup of sweet tea, at the end of the day, followed by homemade apple sauce the next! Now that I have a daughter of my own, I can't wait to recreate this tradition (and this lovely vintage photo of my mom, sister and me) again!

Lisle, Sales

Lisle's Favorite Tea: Winter Solstice

Ever since my daughter has been able to write with a pen, she has been tasked with the very special project of creating place cards for all the seats at our Thanksgiving table. Locations, hosts, and guest lists may change, but place cards are always needed! It's fun to see how her handwriting and artwork has changed over the years.

Nanci, Customer Service

Nanci's Favorite Tea: Organic Spring Jasmine

Every October I head to Ocean Beach in San Francisco and hang with 3000 of my favorite peeps and 1000 of my favorite local Welsh Corgis! It happens twice a year, in mid-June and late October and the short-legged love in the air is intoxicating.

Share your holiday traditions with us! #mightyleaf