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Introducing New Iced Tea Bags for Summer
6/7/2017  |  New Products

new iced teas for summer

Iced tea season has begun! Okay, maybe that’s a misnomer because a contingency of tea drinkers prefer their tea iced all-year round (just as a contingency of people prefer their tea hot even during hot months). So, what I’m really pointing to is the notion that once Memorial Day begins, out come the iced tea pitchers at picnics, potlucks, and parties. I’ve shared my 5 tips for making excellent iced tea every time. This summer check out our new iced tea flavors to keep you cool: Caribbean Isle Green Tea, Passion Fruit Black Tea, Organic Mango, Organic Green Tea Tropical, and Organic Pure Black. They join one of my personal iced tea favorites, Summer Solstice and each show it’s easy to brew good iced tea in minutes.

Introducing Tea & Company whole leaf teas
5/8/2017  |  New Products

introducing Tea & Company

As fellow tea drinkers, nothing excites us more than sharing an excellent cup of tea with you. We are thrilled to invite you to experience Tea & Company, our new super premium line of teas. Through this new tea collection we pay tribute to our teahouse beginnings, when our company founders set up shop in 1996, opening Tea & Company on Fillmore Street in San Francisco.

Turmeric Tea & Cocoa Green Tea: Mix up your Matcha Routine
3/20/2017  |  New Products

spiced turmeric matcha and cocoa matcha

Introducing Matcha Turmeric Tea and Cocoa Matcha green tea powders. They’re the newest additions to our matcha collection, joining Organic Matcha, Organic Ceremonial Matcha, and Matcha Latte Mix.
Innovative New Whole Leaf Tea Flavors Launching in Pyramid Pouches
8/13/2016  |  New Products
Mighty Leaf Pyramid Whole Leaf Tea Pouches exclusively sold in grocery stores

This summer, we are excited to introduce three new teas in our pyramid whole leaf tea pouches: Emerald Matcha, Almond Spice, and Coconut Assam. They will soon be available on amazon.com and in grocery stores. When we first started talking about adding teas to our current mix, we began by looking to develop teas that would be unlike anything we currently offered. My goal for any tea we put into a pouch is to always try and think: what’s going to be the next classic tea? I’m not interested in launching a tea that’s going to compete with our top-selling tea. Nor am I interested in chasing trends to introduce a tea that will be interesting for six months until the next big thing comes along. I want whatever teas we carry to be cornerstones going forward.

Introducing the Pyramid Whole Leaf Tea Pouch
6/23/2016  |  New Products
Mighty Leaf Pyramid Whole Leaf Tea Pouches exclusively sold in grocery stores Mighty Leaf was founded in 1996 with the goal of providing tea lovers with the finest artisan teas available. We have some exciting news to share as we celebrate our 20th anniversary. In the coming weeks, new Mighty Leaf packaging with pyramid whole leaf tea pouches will arrive in grocery stores. The new silken, pyramid pouches feature the same Mighty Leaf whole leaf teas, and each pouch contains the same amount of tea as our signature hand-stitched pouches.
Teas The Season – New Holiday Arrivals
11/21/2013  |  New Products
Holiday Tea Chest Collection

Teas the season for sharing the ritual and warmth of drinking tea. We're excited about the launch of new signature Mighty Leaf products for the holiday. Whether you're looking for a tea pouch, loose leaf gift or teaware, our new holiday lineup makes gifting easy. Everyone's a fan of tea, they just might not know it yet.

Sneak Peek: New Fresh Brew Iced Tea Collection
4/26/2011  |  New Products
Iced Tea

We are excited to provide a sneak peek at our new fresh brew Iced Tea Collection launching soon in select retail stores and online. Using our original artisan designed whole leaf pouch, we’ve created four new flavors that allow you to create your own fresh brewed iced tea without wasteful bottles. Each box will contain four biodegradable whole leaf pouches that yield a 1/2 gallon brew. Here is what you can expect with regards to the new product and flavor experience: