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Some Tea with Your Chocolate
12/21/2009  |  Tasting Tea

The snap of chocolate squares breaking - the silkiness of a chocolate bar melting on your tongue - people flock to chocolate for good reason. If you'€™re reading this, the chances of you being a tea fan are pretty high. Over the past few years, the frequency of pairing chocolate with tea has increased, bringing together the luscious decadence of cacao with the robust tannins and flavor of tea leaves.

Tasting Tea: A Door to the Senses (Part 1)
5/4/2009  |  Tasting Tea

Like wine or chocolate tasting, tea tasting provides an opportunity to engage with the senses.  Discovering your favorite tea is a personal journey that will constantly surprise, as you encounter endless complexities of flavor, aroma and color. The more tea you taste, the more you will learn to appreciate the nuances between tea varieties and tea types.  And to get started, all you need are tea leaves and water.