Mighty Leaf News

Hi-Tech Teapot Delivers Wow Factor
9/15/2009  |  Tea Art
One Tea Kettle from Vessel Ideation

I'm always keeping my eye open for cool and unique teapot designs that take the art of brewing tea to another level. The elegance of the tea brewing process lends itself to new creative designs providing fertile ground for the intersection of design, art, culture and technology. One favorite design that I recently stumbled upon comes from Chicago-based design team Vessel Ideation.  They were among the winners chosen for this teapot and kettle combo called One in this year's World Kitchen Tea-Off Competition.  World Kitchen chose 3 winners out of 237 entries and 25 honorees.

Mighty Leaf "Mug Shot" Photo Winners
9/11/2009  |  Tea Art
Tess Bingham Large Photo

We want to thank all of the tea fans that participated in our Mighty Leaf "Mug Shot" Photo Contest on Facebook. It's always fun to see how tea can inspire creativity with art and photography. Photos submitted provided us with colorful insight into people's personalities as shown by how they chose to portray themselves with their favorite mug of tea. All of our winners were selected by members of Facebook who voted for their favorite photos.  You can see all of the photos submitted on our Facebook Fan Page.

Steeped in History: The Art of Tea Exhibit
8/25/2009  |  Tea Art

Steeped in History: The Art of Tea, an exhibition running from August 16-November 29, 2009 at the Fowler Museum at UCLA, sheds light on the history of tea as it traveled through Asia, Europe and America.  Tea's impact on the cultures of these three continents is reflected in visual arts that include ceramics, textiles, painting and drawings. The Fowler exhibit presents a collection of art that includes rare Chinese ceramics and paintings, 18th- and 19th-centuery Japanese ceramics and prints, English and Colonial American paintings, vintage photos and documents and more.

Dressing up the Tea Pouch, Mighty Leaf Style
5/27/2009  |  Tea Art

We would like to celebrate the many uses of Mighty Leaf tea by sharing with you photos of dresses made by two separate artists using our signature tea pouches. Inspired by the beauty of the pouches, these two artists independently designed the dresses. Susana Aragon created the dress in the photo on the left, and Shelly Smith the dress worn by the model on the right.