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Season’s Greetings with Holiday Teas
12/20/2016  |  Tea Types

Holiday Teas

When the holidays begin, we offer a few teas that provide a taste of the season. For a limited time, Winter Solstice, Holiday Breakfast, Holiday Blend, Peppermint Chamomile, and Dark Chocolate are available on our website to spread a bit of cheer and festivity in a tea cup.
Flower Power: Blending Floral Teas
4/21/2016  |  Tea Types
Floral tea When thinking about adding flowers to teas made of Camellia sinensis leaves and herbal teas, several things come to mind. The aroma of a nice tea is pretty subtle, which is why some people like to flavor teas. Flowers as a group tend to communicate aroma and taste, but rarely in equal measure. Consider the rose, which contributes about 90% aroma and 10% taste. If you'€™re thinking of adding rose to a green tea, brew the green tea leaves and smell rose petals in your hand for a preview of what that blend will taste like. People don'€™t really like to drink just rose petals steeped — €”it tastes like rosewater and your palate wants more because there'€™s nothing to back up the aroma. Mandarin Rose brings together black tea with rose for a tea that has a bit of a feminine edge. It would make a wonderful afternoon tea party tea or as an iced tea for enjoying outdoors on a warm day.
Flowering Tea: A Valentine's Day Twist
1/19/2010  |  Tea Types

Flowering tea, also commonly known as display tea, exhibits some of the best artisanship that China has to offer with hand-crafted tea leaves that unfurl and blossom into unique flower shapes. When steeped in a glass teapot, flowering teas look like something you would see in the movie Avatar on the planet of Pandora.