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For the Love of Tea
2/20/2017  |  The Tea Plant

blue mug of tea

I fell in love with tea at an early age, growing up in Berkeley. My mom’s from Boston and at 4 p.m. everyday she would brew a pot of tea to drink with milk and cookies. What kid doesn’t love a reason to eat cookies?
Experiments in Tea: First Flush, Berkeley Estate
5/21/2016  |  The Tea Plant
First Flush Hello from the tea team at Mighty Leaf Tea! When you'€™re deeply passionate about tea, it can take you to interesting places and introduce many cups of unusual teas. It can sometimes also lead to experiments in tea. Tea typically comes from China, Japan, India, and Africa. While people have tried growing tea domestically, most of the attempts have come up short, though you can visit a tea plantation in Hawaii and another in South Carolina.