Turmeric Tea & Cocoa Green Tea: Mix up your Matcha Routine


spiced turmeric matcha and cocoa matcha

by Eliot Jordan

Introducing Matcha Turmeric Tea and Cocoa Matcha green tea powders. They’re the newest additions to our matcha collection, joining Organic Matcha, Organic Ceremonial Matcha, and Matcha Latte Mix.

It’s hard to do anything with loose leaf tea apart from brewing it. Matcha is unique because it’s finely ground like cinnamon and its form has led the innovation of using it as an ingredient in baking. While matcha started out as an integral element of a highly spiritual ceremony, it’s made the leap into modern food manufacturing.

Last time I visited Japan, we toured the tea museum and ate cones of matcha soft serve ice cream. It showed up on menus too, usually in pastries, as a cream filling or sprinkled on top of desserts. You don’t see it served as hot lattes there.

But, here in the United States, for many people, the way they’ve first tasted matcha is in a green tea latte. Our coffee culture has bred familiarity with latte beverages that have spawned eggnog lattes, pumpkin lattes, chai lattes, and the green hued matcha lattes. Because matcha’s ground into a powder, the form of the tea makes it more easily dissolved in milk, so it works well in lattes. Really, whichever way people first experience matcha informs what they think it’s supposed to be like.

We created Organic Spiced Turmeric Matcha and Organic Cocoa Matcha in response to a trend I had been looking forward to happening for a long time. I jumped at the chance to do something new with matcha. Since some people are drawn to this green tea for the benefit of drinking the whole leaf, we elected to source organic matcha. Also, you won’t find natural or artificial flavors in these new green tea powder blends. Instead we use cocoa powder, ground cinnamon, ground ginger, and ground turmeric.

Organic Cocoa Matcha adds just enough cocoa to give a chocolatey flavor to the green tea. There’s no sugar added, so tea drinkers can decide how sweet they want it. Creating this blend was all about getting the proportion of cocoa to matcha right, so it would brew up a tea drink and not a hot chocolate drink. I like drinking Organic Cocoa Matcha with a splash of milk and dash of sugar.

Organic Spiced Turmeric Matcha started out as a question—what would matcha chai taste like? Turmeric adds its own benefit boost to the matcha mix. Both turmeric and matcha are two strong flavors, so once we tweaked the blend with just the right amount of cinnamon and ginger, they added a bit of flavor complexity and their own benefits. I like drinking Organic Spiced Turmeric Matcha with a drop of honey—it coats your palate and smooths out some of the spicy edge of this blend.

However you like to drink matcha, here’s to your health in a satisfying green tea.

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