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The Ghosts of Teas Past
10/6/2016  |  Video Presentations

Stories about tea are as old as tea...and tea is very old. Follow us on a journey through history and mythology to find the origins of the tea we enjoy today.

Fresh Brew Iced Tea Video – The Lure of Summer
5/1/2012  |  Video Presentations

Summer is around the corner. Check out our new video highlighting our whole leaf iced tea pouches. You can enjoy a variety of flavors that include Sunburst Green, Organic Black, Ginger Peach and Tropical Passion. Each pouch brews up a 1/2 gallon or 64 oz. of fresh iced tea. The tea is easy and convenient to brew. Simply add the pouch to a 1/2 gallon pitcher. Pour 32 oz. of boiling water over the pouch and steep for 4-5 minutes. Finally, remove the pouch and add ice to the remainder of the pitcher. You are ready to enjoy!

James Norwood Pratt on Tea
5/12/2011  |  Video Presentations

James Norwood Pratt has played a large role in disseminating information on tea in the United States and in 2010 wrote a comprehensive work on tea, James Norwood Pratt’s Tea Dictionary. Enjoy this video where he chats with the viewer about his take on tea.

Finding Romance with Mighty Leaf
12/13/2010  |  Video Presentations

It’s always fun to see how Mighty Leaf Tea fans express themselves and their passion for tea. We found a series of videos on YouTube that a fan produced. As you will see, the videos certainly highlight the emotional connection that a tea drinker shares with their tea. At Mighty Leaf we are happy to continue the ancient tradition of providing people with a beverage and experience that stirs both the creative and contemplative spirit.

Savor Some Shiny, New Tea Pouch Video
10/14/2010  |  Video Presentations
How do you describe how a tea pouch differs from a tea bag? Well, we've shot 20 videos of our signature tea pouches and posted on our website's product pages. Learning to control the speed of water as it poured from the tea kettle into the glass tea cup for purposes of shooting the video was quite the experience. Enjoy this sample of a customer favorite, Green Tea Tropical.
Episode #1: Where in the World is Your Mighty Leaf?
5/17/2010  |  Video Presentations
You just never know where in the world Mighty Leaf Tea can turn up? It's certainly fun to drink, but the tea pouch is no ordinary tea bag. We invite you to check out our new web video series "Where in the World is Your Mighty Leaf" to discover how "mighty" versatile this little tea pouch can be. And of course, we want to hear about where and how you enjoy your Mighty Leaf, too. Submit your photos on our blog or Facebook Fan page to share the love.
Tea Pouring Reaches New Heights
2/18/2010  |  Video Presentations
Pouring tea is one of my favorite parts of the tea ritual. The weight of the teapot in hand, the steady stream of clear water and the soft sound of water hitting cup ground me in the moment. The art of tea pouring reaches new heights as shown in this video of a tea master pouring in a tea house in Chengdu, China. So watch closely, then get your own long spouted teapot and practice your pour. Your friends and tea drinking peers will certainly be dazzled.
Tea Making Tips from 1941
2/4/2010  |  Video Presentations
"Tea Making Tips" is a short film released in 1941 and sponsored by the Empire Tea Bureau of England. A classic video that demonstrates in detail methods of storing and preparing tea, it imparts that one should not waste a drop of tea because of carelessness. Watch and get your fill of crisp white tea cups, tea pots, classic tea chests and more. The Empire Tea Bureau also published a booklet during the war titled "Tea Will Help". The Montreal Gazette said that it's aim was to "be of practical assistance to any groups or individuals engaged in voluntary war work."  I also enjoyed the headline from the newspaper which included that "Tea in Wartime Held More Useful Institution Than in Peacetime". Cozy up with your favorite cuppa and enjoy this oldie, but goodie.
Tea Top Brew Mug - Tea Gone High-Tech
11/3/2009  |  Video Presentations
Brewing tea pouches or tea bags has gone high-tech with our new Tea Top Brew Mug. You no longer have to drink over-brewed tea. Featuring the patented Tea Top lid, this brew mug is a "€œtraveling teapot"€ perfect for enjoying whole leaf tea pouches. The brewing system is simple: Fold the tea tag in half and thread through the underside of the slit on the lid. Once the brew time indicated on the tea tag is reached, just pull up on the string. This squeezes the oils of the tea pouch into the infused beverage below and pulls the spent tea pouch up to rest in a domed area. You never have to drink over-infused tea again. The body is crafted of double-walled stainless steel keeping your tea hot, while staying cool to the touch.

Grand Prize Winner of 2009 Calm-a-Sutra Video Contest
10/9/2009  |  Video Presentations
The Tea Council of the USA announced their 2009 Calm-A-Sutra Video winner. Edan Freiberger and Nicholas Chen of Foster City, California won the grand prize, a $15,000 scholarship, for their video "A Cup of Tea". Every year the Tea Council holds the competition to promote and educate consumers about the flavorful taste and health benefits of drinking tea. A panel of Tea Councel representatives performed the judging and looked at criteria including the message as related to health benefits, creativity and popularity.