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Tea & Company Behind the Scenes
Tea and Company TeasersOne of the pleasures of my job includes bringing you teas that will knock your socks off. You have come to know and expect excellent teas from Mighty Leaf and we are excited to bring you our all-organic Tea & Company collection of teas. Originally crafted for our high end hotel and restaurant customers, they have recently become available to our loyal customers who shop online. They include some flavors similar to favorites in the Mighty Leaf line-up, but also include fresh and new teas never before offered that we think will win you over like our Chamomile Yuzu.
Introducing New Iced Tea Bags for Summer
6/7/2017  |  New Products

new iced teas for summer

Iced tea season has begun! Okay, maybe that’s a misnomer because a contingency of tea drinkers prefer their tea iced all-year round (just as a contingency of people prefer their tea hot even during hot months). So, what I’m really pointing to is the notion that once Memorial Day begins, out come the iced tea pitchers at picnics, potlucks, and parties. I’ve shared my 5 tips for making excellent iced tea every time. This summer check out our new iced tea flavors to keep you cool: Caribbean Isle Green Tea, Passion Fruit Black Tea, Organic Mango, Organic Green Tea Tropical, and Organic Pure Black. They join one of my personal iced tea favorites, Summer Solstice and each show it’s easy to brew good iced tea in minutes.

Introducing Tea & Company whole leaf teas
5/8/2017  |  New Products

introducing Tea & Company

As fellow tea drinkers, nothing excites us more than sharing an excellent cup of tea with you. We are thrilled to invite you to experience Tea & Company, our new super premium line of teas. Through this new tea collection we pay tribute to our teahouse beginnings, when our company founders set up shop in 1996, opening Tea & Company on Fillmore Street in San Francisco.

Celebrate Mom
4/26/2017  |  Community

Anni and Mom

What does tea mean to you? Our employees share their favorite memories of Mom (and tea).
Turmeric Tea & Cocoa Green Tea: Mix up your Matcha Routine
3/20/2017  |  New Products

spiced turmeric matcha and cocoa matcha

Introducing Matcha Turmeric Tea and Cocoa Matcha green tea powders. They’re the newest additions to our matcha collection, joining Organic Matcha, Organic Ceremonial Matcha, and Matcha Latte Mix.
For the Love of Tea
2/20/2017  |  The Tea Plant

blue mug of tea

I fell in love with tea at an early age, growing up in Berkeley. My mom’s from Boston and at 4 p.m. everyday she would brew a pot of tea to drink with milk and cookies. What kid doesn’t love a reason to eat cookies?
But First, Tea- 6 Resolutions and Teas to Pair with Them
1/20/2017  |  Green Tea

4 glass cups green tea

20 Healthy Teas. After all the feasting that happens in November and December, January offers a different path. Tea is a fat-free, alcohol-free beverage with character. If drinking more tea is a New Year’s resolution, here are ideas for incorporating it into every day.
20 Healthiest Teas to Drink In January
1/5/2017  |  Green Tea

20 Healthy Teas

Mighty Leaf Tea Master, Eliot Jordan has chosen 20 great teas to start your year off right.
Season’s Greetings with Holiday Teas
12/20/2016  |  Tea Types

Holiday Teas

When the holidays begin, we offer a few teas that provide a taste of the season. For a limited time, Winter Solstice, Holiday Breakfast, Holiday Blend, Peppermint Chamomile, and Dark Chocolate are available on our website to spread a bit of cheer and festivity in a tea cup.
Thanksgiving: Why We're Grateful for Good Tea
Thanksgiving: Why We're Grateful for Good Tea
11/19/2016  |  Tea Culture
When you drink a cup of tea, do you ever stop and think of all the people who had a hand in bringing you your daily brew? If you buy an apple in the store, you know apples are picked off trees, labeled, and shipped to stores. High quality black and green tea is plucked by hand, a couple of leaves at a time. There might be 30, 40, 60 leaves in your tea pouch or serving of loose leaf tea. That picked apple—it was either yanked off the tree by machine or someone’s hand. Most high quality teas, on the other hand, are still harvested by hand...