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Made for Tea, Meet the Mighty Leaf Tea Team: Eliot Jordan
9/29/2015  |  Mighty Leaf Team

By 10:30 a.m. every morning I've tried at least 10 teas. That puts the morning cup of tea in perspective, doesn't it? But as the VP of Tea at Mighty Leaf, my days are packed with whole leaf tea. More than anything I'm diligent about tasting tea, lots of samples so as an example, when differences arise in say a black tea tasting, I'm able to stop and ask, “what's different about this tea? Tasting tea is like exercising a muscle, or maybe like studying a painting. The more it's done, the better shape my palate is in to taste discrepancies or nuances. In addition to tasting tea, my day-to-day job involves communicating with our suppliers and cross-checking with the people I work with to secure ingredients from around the world. What I love about tea is it's the ultimate yin-yang; it's both simple and complex. My days are full of work that I'm passionate about and I work closely with our tea team, Anni and Danielle to ensure the teas we blend and provide to our customers taste great with fantastic aroma.

Made for Tea, Meet the Whole Leaf Tea Team: Anni Pattee
9/22/2015  |  Mighty Leaf Team
Anni - tea team

As the tea assistant at Mighty Leaf, I steep hundreds of teas a week for cuppings. Working with tea everyday creates awareness in the rest of my life. When I steep tea, my full attention is focused on ensuring the tea is steeped properly and my thoughts drift to the passion used to create these teas.

Made for Tea, Meet the Tea Team: Danielle Hochstetter
9/17/2015  |  Mighty Leaf Team
Danielle Hochstetter

At the age of six or seven, my Dad would sit me down regularly and say, "€œIt's time for a cup of tea.€ He served black tea with honey. A few years later, he moved to South Africa and in high school, my brother and I flew out to see him. He took us to a fancy resort so we could have teatime. I still remember the taste of the Keemun tea from the resort fondly. So, the tea bug had bitten me early on, but it kept growing. During high school, I leaned heavily on tea to help me pull through all-nighters, trying as many teas as I could. In college, I began reading tea books from the library like "The New Tea Lover's Treasury"€ by James Norwood Pratt and got it into my head that one day I wanted to meet him. I developed a preference for loose teas and visited an Asian grocery store in Charlotte, NC for loose leaf tea, which at the time was hard to find.

Meet the Tea Team Behind Our Whole Leaf Tea
9/15/2015  |  Brewing Tea

At Mighty Leaf Tea, our whole leaf tea goes through rigorous tastings to ensure they are ready for you to buy and brew at home. Take a sneak peek of one of our tea cuppings by clicking here or on the photo below to meet the tea team of Eliot Jordan, Danielle Hochstetter, and Anni Pattee. We will be bringing you freshly brewed ideas and talking about our favorite two leaves and a bud. Join us!

Chill Out on National Iced Tea Day!
6/10/2014  |  Tea Culture
National Iced Tea Day
With summer right around the corner it's perfect timing for National Iced Tea Day. Start developing your daily chill out routine by choosing fresh-brewed, all natural and zero calorie iced tea that delivers ultimate refreshment. Go one step further and experiment with mixing up delicious and unique iced tea based beverages like an Earl Grey Arnold Palmer. Check out our simple recipe and enjoy!
Jessie Et Laurent - Sustenance, Tailored and Delivered
5/2/2014  |  Community
Who has time to cook during the work week?
jessie et laurent

Bay Area fans, have you tried Jessie et Laurent in San Rafael, CA? We're big fans! Thoughtfully prepared meals delivered right to your door. We had a lunch to remember!

Here are some of our favorites:

Vegetarian Enchiladas with Black Bean Salsa Vegetarian Enchiladas with Black Bean Salsa

No sacrifices for vegetarians. More flavorful than a chicken enchilada! I devoured it. The salsa was perfectly spiced and a very generous portion. More tomato-based than bean based. My boss stole the rest of my salsa. The pumpkin pie spices in Mighty Leaf Tea Bombay Chai pair nicely with the butternut squash in the enchilada.  

Niman Ranch Americana Pot Roast Niman Ranch Americana Pot Roast

So good you can't talk while you are eating it! The meat is tender and juicy. The sauce was outstanding. We guess it was wine based with finely chopped carrots and parsley. We recommend pairing this dish with Organic Earl Grey by Mighty Leaf Tea since full bodied black tea complements hearty meat dishes.  

Grilled Mahi Mahi with Papaya Leek Sauce

A flavor explosion! Perfectly cooked Mahi Mahi. The fish was juicy and the dish was full of flavor variations. Delicate green teas pair well with fish so we recommend Mighty Leaf Tea Green Tea Tropical, which teems with tropical fruit.

Lasagne Florentine

Super tasty and tall. Maybe 6 layers high of comfort food. Not just a tomato and cheese filling – spinach too. The creamy, mild cheese in this dish leads us to pair it with Mighty Leaf Tea Organic Green Dragon.

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Decadent but the carrots tone down the guilt! Perfect texture. The pumpkin pie spices were dialed up. We suggest pairing with Mighty Leaf Tea Vanilla Bean.

Orange Dulce Marteani
12/14/2013  |  Tea Recipes

Our latest Mighty Leaf recipe is for a delectable Orange Dulce Marteani. After one of our office parties a few of us stumbled upon this simple infusion of herbs, leaf tea, and vodka. Surprise friends and family with our unique twist on a classic cocktail.

All you need is your favorite vodka and a Mighty Leaf Orange Dulce tea pouch. Simply pour the vodka, steep your tea pouch for around 15 minutes or so and enjoy! Make in a batch to serve in bulk for a holiday party or have partygoers steep their own.

Pick up the ingredients here.

Teas The Season – New Holiday Arrivals
11/21/2013  |  New Products
Holiday Tea Chest Collection

Teas the season for sharing the ritual and warmth of drinking tea. We're excited about the launch of new signature Mighty Leaf products for the holiday. Whether you're looking for a tea pouch, loose leaf gift or teaware, our new holiday lineup makes gifting easy. Everyone's a fan of tea, they just might not know it yet.

Holiday Tea Tree
11/10/2013  |  Holidays
Holiday Tea Tree

Teas the season! We always enjoy seeing how we can put a holiday twist on tea. At a recent holiday photo shoot we created this tea tree.

Set your seasonal table in style with diaphanous pouches and tea liquor glowing in ornaments. Hang your favorite pouches from a tree and let guests choose their tea to pair with dessert. Stay tuned for new holiday items coming soon.

Green Tea Buns
7/30/2013  |  Tea Recipes

Marketing Intern Cole Margen returns to the kitchen and shares a surprising new tea recipe.
–Editor’s Note

Recently, I’ve been more and more interested in the potential for tea in actual food–especially desserts! I can’t think of a better way to explore the complex flavors found in tea than by including them in my edible creations. And last weekend I had a delicious success with green tea steamed buns!

Green tea buns, or “mushi pan” as they are known in Japanese, are super easy to make, tasty, and reasonably healthy, considering they are steamed instead of fried or baked. They go great as a dessert or a light afternoon snack during tea time. The buns use matcha green tea to really bring color and a unique tea flavor to the dish. Matcha as a drink is slightly vegetal, and buttery, which makes it a perfect addition to the buns.

Here’s the recipe I like best. It uses honey and yogurt to bring added moisture to the buns. These buns are best enjoyed on their own, or with a cup of tea. They are a great summertime dessert to make for family and friends and are also easy to prepare. One batch of buns takes about a total of 20 minutes from start to finish. Enjoy, fellow tea enthusiasts and until next time be well and drink more tea.