Ceremonial Matcha Accessory Set

Ceremonial Matcha Accessory Set
The Ceremonial Matcha Accessory Set contains 3 essential pieces for the ultimate matcha lover: a traditional matcha bowl (“chawan”), a bamboo matcha whisk (“chasen”) and a bamboo matcha scoop (“chashaku”). All items included in this matcha ceremonial tea set are hand-crafted, made in Japan, and suitable for traditional tea ceremonies or casual use at home.

Matcha Bowl: This artisanal, expertly crafted ceremonial matcha bowl has a hand-carved rim. Before firing, the outside of this matcha bowl was hand decorated with white slip in order to produce a unique, one-of-a-kind “aurora borealis” effect.
• 4.75” diameter x 2.875H", 13.5 oz. capacity

Matcha Whisk: Traditional 80-prong matcha whisk, specially designed for whipping up a frothy, delicious bowl of matcha.

Matcha Scoop: Made of natural bamboo wood from Japan, this is the perfect tool for scooping matcha into your Matcha Bowl.

Give your matcha tea experience an authentic touch with these traditional matcha accessories!

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