Navigating Headings

Most assistive technologies and some browsers facilitate navigation by headings.

In a browser that supports keyboard navigation with the Tab key (for example, Firefox, IE, Chrome, and Safari; not Opera):

  • In Mac browsers, enable keyboard navigation to all controls.
    • In newer browsers: Select System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts. Select the "All controls" option button.
    • In older browsers: Select System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts. In the "Full Keyboard Access" section, check "All Controls".
  • Click in the address bar, then put your mouse aside and do not use it.
  • Press the 'Tab' key to move through the elements on the page. You can press 'Shift-Tab' to go backwards.
  • To move within elements such as drop-down lists and menu bars, press the arrow keys.
  • To select a specific item within a drop-down list:
    • Tab to the list box,
    • use the arrow keys to move the focus to items,
    • when an item has focus, press the Enter key or Space bar to select that item.

Navigating with Access Keys

Access Keys are a means for people to jump immediately to a specific part of an HTML page by pressing ALT+SHIFT (PC) or CTRL (Mac), followed by the appropriate key on the keyboard, as defined by you via an accesskey parameter. Below is a list of access keys that are available for this web site.

  • Accessibility Help Page – Access Key (0)
  • Skip to Main Content – Access key (S)
  • Skip to Main Navigation – Access key (M)
  • Skip to Secondary Navigation – Access key (N)
  • Skip to Top of Page – Access key (T)
  • Home Page Link – Access Key (1)
  • Top Navigation Links – Access keys (2-9)
  • Shopping Cart – Access key (Y)
  • Checkout – Access key (Z)
  • My Account – Access key (A)