20 Healthiest Teas to Drink in January

Eliot Jordan, Mighty Leaf Teamaster

Mighty Leaf Tea Master, Eliot Jordan has chosen 20 great teas to start your year off right.

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Green Tea Tropical:
Green teas contain natural antioxidants that have contributed to the reputation of tea's healthiness. This classic marries mild China teas with tropical fruits and flowers.
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Marrakesh Mint:
Mint aids the body in cleansing and is antimicrobial. This is a classic "Morrocan Mint" blend of China green tea with North African mint. The green tea is "high-fried" with a full, slightly bitter and smoky note than blends seamlessly with fresh mint. For the most authentic experience, brew it strong then serve sweetened in small glasses.
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Organic Emerald Matcha:
Green teas contain natural antioxidants that have contributed to the reputation of tea's healthiness. This pure Japanese tea is a blend of whole green leaves (Sencha) with a dusting of finely-milled, shade-grown green tea (Matcha).
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Organic Spring Jasmine:
An organically-grown, traditionally-made China green tea with the scent of jasmine flowers. To make the tea, fresh jasmine flowers are layered into the tea, then removed when the tea has absorbed the scent.
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Chamomile Citrus:
Calming chamomile plus zesty rosehips and lemongrass create a well-balanced cup for any time. Good both hot and cold, this is an excellent hydration “tea” made from herbs and flowers. Caffeine free.
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Organic Hojicha:
Roasting green tea is a traditional method in Japan, and one can find small roasters still plying their trade in the markets of Kyoto and other cities. Mild, nutty and full, this brown-tinged cup is low in caffeine and excellent in cold weather.
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Organic Green Dragon:
A classic China green tea, Green Dragon is lightly brisk with a characteristic pan-fired nuttiness. Green tea has been drunk in China for centuries and is associated with dental health and overall wellbeing. The finish is lingering and refreshing to the palate.
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Organic Almond Spice (Fair Trade):
Our latest green tea blend creation, this incorporates Indian green tea with almond, cinnamon, and cardamom. It was inspired by the teas of Kashmir in Northern India where green teas were produced instead of the more usual black. Try it sweetened to make a “Kashmiri chai.”
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Organic Usucha Matcha:
Drinking Matcha, you are consuming the entire leaf, instead of an infusion from the leaves. “Drinking the leaf” means all of the benefits of green tea enter into your body – plus it tastes delicious. ‘Usucha’ means ‘light tea,’ a style of preparation that is less strong and suitable for enjoyment by the cup.
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Organic Ceremonial Matcha:
This top quality Matcha is made from primarily First Flush, which is the first growth of the year, and can be harvested only once annually. It has a brighter color, richer “umami,” and satisfying creaminess. All of our Matcha teas are grown organically in Japan, the source of all true Matcha.
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Organic Spiced Turmeric Matcha:
This trendsetting Matcha blend includes turmeric, ginger and cinnamon. Turmeric and ginger are carminatives associated with aiding digestion; both are anti-inflammatory among other health benefits.
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Organic Cocoa Matcha:
Cocoa powder and Matcha together give you mental energy and focus, and can be a mood enhancer.
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Matcha Frappe & Latte Mix:
The convenience of this blend means enjoying Matcha becomes easy. Fresh Matcha mixed with finely milled sugar whips easily into lattes, mixes, baking, etc.
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Organic Detox:
Dandelion and burdock root cleanse your body while the fresh mint and licorice revive the palate.
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Organic Mint Melange:
This distinctive mixture of spearmints from primarily North Africa is full, cooling and pleasant. It’s an excellent aid to digestion when taken with meals.
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White Orchard:
This blend of white teas and green teas from China is delicate and fragrant with notes of peach. Both white and green teas contain natural antioxidants that have contributed to the reputation of tea’s healthiness.
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Aloe Serenity:
Green tea for a mild lift, rose for aromatherapy, and aloe for easing skin . . . This beautiful loose leaf tea is a pleasure to the eye, nose and tastebuds. This mix of tea and herbs is low in caffeine.
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Organic Berry Wellness:
Caffeine free blend of fruits and spices, containing vitamins and antioxidants from ingredients such as goji berries and cranberries. Dried strawberry, blueberry, elderberry, cinnamon, ginger and licorice root make a wine-red delicious cup.
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Snow Leopard:
Pure white tea from China’s Fujian province, this tea is made from fresh 2 leaves and a bud plucking. This special quality of Bai Mu Dan white tea can only be made once a year in Spring when the weather is perfect for slow, ambient drying of the leaves. Sweet and smooth.
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