Organic Spiced Turmeric Matcha

Organic Spiced Turmeric Matcha


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This unique Organic Spiced Turmeric Matcha blend matches the mellow warmth of turmeric and the spices of ginger and cinnamon with the smooth vegetal flavor of organic matcha.

  • 1.5 oz. tin = ~30 cups

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Add 1 teaspoon of organic spiced turmeric matcha to your matcha bowl (or any 4-10oz bowl). If the matcha has any lumps add a small amount of cold water and use your whisk to dissolve into a smooth paste. Add 2.5-3oz of 175° water to the bowl. Use a bamboo whisk to froth the matcha until all of the large bubbles are gone — approximately 15-30 seconds. When ready to drink, the liquid should look thick and frothy with tiny bubbles. Enjoy your matcha turmeric green tea!


  • 1 tsp (1.5g)/8oz
  • 175° F
  • Caffeine
    Moderate Caffeine
  • Origin
  • Ingredients
    Organic Matcha, Organic Turmeric Powder, Organic Ginger Powder, Organic Cinnamon Powder

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