Pyramid Pouch FAQ

Is the tea in the pyramid pouch the same as the signature hand stitched pouch?

Yes, the new silken pyramid pouch contains the same whole leaf, premium quality that Mighty Leaf is known for. Same blends of tea, same quality of tea and same quantity of tea in each pouch. The only exceptions are Chamomile Citrus and Organic Mint Melange, whose pouches contain slightly less tea per pouch but still yield the same great tasting cup.

Why are you offering the new pyramid pouch?

The new pouch will be less expensive and we hope that the more attractive price will make our teas more accessible to more tea lovers. The new silken pyramid pouch will be available in Grocery and Natural food stores. Remember, the hand-stitched pouch is still available online if you prefer the signature pouch.

Mighty Leaf's Pyramid Pouch

What are the benefits of the pyramid shape?

Like our signature hand-stitched pouch, the pyramid shape gives the whole leaves plenty of room to unfurl as the steep, allowing the nuanced flavors to fully infuse for the ideal tea experience.

Mighty Leaf's Pyramid Pouch

How much less expensive is the pyramid pouch? Why?

We expect that retailers will charge about 20% less for the new pouch. The pyramid pouch is filled on a machine. Our signature pouch is stitched by hand.

Where can I find the new pyramid pouch?

It will be available at any grocery or natural food store that currently carries Mighty Leaf tea. Check out the store locator on our website to find the store nearest you. All stores will not get the pouch at exactly the same time so please be patient!

Will the signature hand stitched pouch still be available?

Our signature pouch will still be available for sale in premier hotels and restaurants around the world. You’ll also be able to buy our signature pouch on our website and in Peet’s Coffee stores.

What are your tea pouches made of?

Mighty Leaf Tea pouches (both pyramid and hand-stitched) are made from polylactic acid (PLA). Our PLA is derived from a renewable resource; corn.

Are your tea pouches compostable?

Our tea pouch material is commercially compostable.

How is the string and tag affixed to the pouch? Do you use glue or staples to connect the pouches, strings, and tags?

We do not use staples or glue. The string and tag are attached to the teabag mesh by a heat seal. At a high temperature, the string, tag and mesh adhere to each other.